How to use Facebook to promote your business

Have you heard a lot about the possibilities of Facebook, but still do not dare to use this social network to grow your business? I think every Internet entrepreneur has already heard that Facebook is the number 1 social network in the world. Today it has over a billion users. And 70% of them are subscribed to business pages. It’s not worth explaining how many leads you’re losing if your business isn’t already on Facebook.

Are you ready to fix this? I will tell you how to do it right.

Getting started…

Step 1. Preparation

Did you think we’d start right away by registering a business page on Facebook? No, without preparation in this matter, as in any other, there is nothing to do. And the more seriously you take this step, the easier and more effective all the others will pass.


We set a goal

And I’ll say right away that «getting-1000-subscribers-per-week» is not a goal. That is, not exactly the goal that I have in mind. Now I’m talking about the purpose of your entire Facebook campaign.
Think about why you bring your business to this social network?

— Increase brand awareness;
— Increase traffic flow to the site;
— Build closer relationships with the audience …

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Depending on what your goal is, you will build your promotion strategy. Therefore, it is strictly forbidden to skip this stage. Made? Then let’s move on.

We develop a plan

Yes, it’s about a content plan. What content do you need?

Of course, everything is worth trying and testing. But! Why not make it easier for yourself? I suggest starting your texts not from scratch, but first doing the analysis of competitors. Select leader pages in your niche. And find out:

— How many subscribers do they have? Who are these people?
— What kind of posts do they publish? Select the main types. For example: articles, collections of useful things, pictures with quotes.
— Which posts get the most response?
— How active is their audience? How many likes, reposts and comments do their posts get on average?
— What time is the most active audience?
— How often do they publish promo posts?
— Do they conduct promotions, polls, do they organize special offers for their subscribers?

How to do it?

You can carry out the analysis manually, sequentially entering each page and collecting data into one document (for example, in an Excel spreadsheet), or automate the process and use special services.

Why do you need competitor analysis?

You will receive an approximate list of the types of posts that your audience likes;
You will get tons of content ideas. You will have the most popular topics in your hands, you just have to present them more interesting and brighter;
You will find out at what time and on what days posts are gaining the maximum response, and in accordance with this you can build your content plan;
You get to know your audience and their needs better. What interests her, and what is she indifferent to? What communication style attracts her? What questions does she ask but get no answer? All this is in your hands.
Now your task is only to structure this information and create your own content plan. How it will look is up to you. But I’ll say right away that the plan “in my mind” or the plan “I’ll probably publish this article today, and then we’ll figure it out” is not suitable. You need to build a schedule of posts and make a list of all posts for at least a week. Better — for a longer period.

Step 2. Create the page

So, you are thoroughly prepared, it is time for action. How to create your own business page? If you are not registered on Facebook yet, create your profile first. If it already exists, then click on the triangle at the top right of the page:

In the menu that opens, select «Create Page»

This will open a window where you can select the category of the page

Click on the category that suits you. For example, this would be a Local Company or Place.

Next, make all the necessary settings (they are intuitive, so you won’t have any difficulties